Wholesaler Training Curriculum Series 1

Foundations: Views on Wholesaling

FUSE Research, a leading-edge decision support firm that has done extensive research with financial advisors, shares its latest findings and identifies the areas in which wholesalers can have the most significant impact with financial advisors. Topics include: advisors’ preferred number of meetings with wholesalers, advisors’ top future needs for which wholesalers can provide solutions, the most valuable information that wholesalers can deliver to advisors, the impact wholesalers can have on various areas of an advisor’s practice, and areas for wholesaler improvement.

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The Money Management Institute (MMI) and Wilke Associates work closely with providers and organizations to develop compelling and relevant courses for the wholesaler community. We do this by bringing together subject matter experts who share their informative and practical experiences. This content is one point of view and is not meant to be exclusive of other best practices nor is it applicable in all circumstances. This material is not intended to supersede or contradict the policies and procedures of any firm. The user should always consider the resources, business practices, and compliance guidance of his or her firm as well as the applicable policies and procedures (including those related to compliance and social media) of any Financial Professional, before sharing this information.

MMI is the leading industry association and voice for the financial services organizations that provide financial advice and professionally-managed investment advisory solutions to individual and institutional investors. Wilke and Associates, Inc. has delivered training to over 40 distribution firms, developed online learning centers for MMI member firms, and led MMI's classroom education program with over 700 industry professionals trained since 2009.

Resources: Handout Wholesaling The Advisor's View (1).pdf

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